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Student research in fashion design

This section contains ongoing projects within the area of fashion design.

Examples of completed research degree projects in fashion design and curation can be found from the link below, with student names, colleges, thesis titles and supervisors.

Digital versions of theses are available to view where possible.

  • Clara Vuletich - Using human-centred sustainable design strategies to reconfigure waste as an asset in the fashion textile value chain.
  • Demetra Kolakis - [un] Folding Fashion Spaces: Mediatisation of Fashion Practices, Materiality and Place
  • Kadian Gosler - Futuristic Bras: Developing a Design Process for Bra Wearables
  • Lara Torres - Towards a practice of unmaking: a strategy for critical fashion design practice.
  • Matteo Molinari - Crocheting cultures. Pattern notation, handcrafting techniques and gender in Europe
  • Paul Yuille - Only time enough: exploring the potential of developing a fashion strategy that uses time as a coherent factor when designing garments to have a predetermined lifetime
  • Tolulope Olabisi OMoyele - Fashion, Memory and History: fashion practices as remembering through craft and digital media.