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Student research in curation and culture

Current student research degree projects in curation, conservation and culture.

  • Sasha Burkhanova - The (co-constitutive) ethics of a contemporary art curator: towards the modes of (ethical) practice.
  • Louise Elizabeth Penn Chapman - How can immersive theatre techniques and costume practice interventions be employed to communicate the narratives of the Kate Elizabeth Bunce Collection through dress display?
  • Antonis Daikos - A practice-based investigation of exhibition-making as a method to display contemporary gender-neutral fashion in museums and gallery spaces.
  • Cassie Davies-Strodder - Wardrobes: The challenge of personal collections of clothing in art and design museums.
  • Bridget Harvey - RepairAbility: Repair As Pathway To Sustainability For Makers and Users
  • Cyana Madsen - Collecting Dress, Collecting Biography: Developing a dress-specific methodology for preserving biographic narratives in clothing acquired by public collections
  • Aurélie Martin - Bindings of Baskerville: study of the bindings found on John Baskerville’s editions in the British Isles and abroad (18th-19th century)
  • Jennifer Murray - Manuscript Waste Fragments: Identifying the Binding from which they were removed
  • Jenna Rossi-Camus - Curating the fashion victim: establishing strategies for exhibition-making towards the presentation of fashion and humour in museums and galleries.
  • NJ Stevenson - A critical and practice-led investigation into curating the intersection of period film costume and contemporary fashion (1967-1975).
  • Jennifer Warren - Locating the Function of ‘Theory’ in New Institutionalism: The case of MACBA
  • Ben Whyman - How can a detailed material culture analysis of fashionable menswear wardrobes augment biographical and museological interpretations? A comparative analysis of three twentieth century menswear collections from the Victoria and Albert Museum