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Mike Harkins

Published date
19 Jun 2018

Contemporary processes of text typeface design

Central Saint Martins

This research aims to reveal and describe design processes in relation to text typeface design and to identify key stages within the processes, alongside, commonalities and differences within the range of processes.

In particular the research is concerned with how type designs are initially conceived, how they develop, the testing required, the use of technology and the point this is introduced into the process. It will also consider how the type designer's prior knowledge or experience may inform these processes.

Type design is often a lengthy and solitary endeavour in which there is little in terms of guidance to draw upon regarding design processes. This is not only a contemporary problem but also an historical one.

The research is concerned with the identification and revelation of design processes through observation, critical reflection and synthesis. It is hoped that the research may also open future possibilities for further study to develop.


Professor Phil Baines

Professor Janet McDonnell

Dr Catherine Dixon