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Klaus Birk

Published date
19 Jun 2018

Built information: visual communication in digitally augmented public space

London College of Communication

Cross-disciplinary design methods to create information spaces beyond the «surface as electronic screen» paradigm.

The organisation and design of spatial structures and situations are typical subjects in architectural disciplines. However, with the advent of digital technology such as real-time feedback networks or LED-enabled media façades, building facades turn into huge - sometimes multidimensional - screen areas, capable of altering the spatial experience of a city dweller. The conception and design of such mediated architectural projects involve various disciplines and professions, from architects and engineers to visual designers and software-developers.

A discussion of possible cross-disciplinary methodologies and practices seems to be necessary to approach communication design problems in such augmented spaces, leading to spatial experiences rather than mere technically viable solutions.

My research will focus on the new communicative paradigms emerging from mediated architectural space. Based on insights from participatory and human-centered design research, as well as case studies, the aim is to identify a method framework reflecting the hybrid and interactive nature of virtual/real information spaces. This will serve as a base for developing suitable communication design concepts in such environments.


Teal Triggs

Dr Ian Horton