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Ahmed Mauroof Jameel

Published date
19 Jun 2018

The Third Hand in Creating Comic Books: A Practice-Based Study of Writer-Artist Collaboration

Central Saint Martins

This research project is an interdisciplinary investigation of authorship and artistic identity in comics collaboration, guided by comics scholarship, poststructuralist theory, and Charles Green’s examination of identity in visual art collaboration (2001). The project explores the dynamics of writer-artist relationships in comics, the most basic of which constitutes a single artist and a single writer.

The theory, history, philosophy, and debates surrounding authorship and collaboration, especially of avant-garde artists and writers during and following the modernist era, are employed to contextualise developments in comics collaborations and to identify the need for an intervention in how collaborative works are regarded. Avant-garde creators are important to this project for their sustained concerns with notions of authorship, value, and authorial identity as they began their tradition of questioning the systems in place surrounding the making, valuation, selling, and consumption of art.

The practice component comprises an autoethnographic account of the writer-researcher collaboratively creating a comic book with an artist. This methodology provides the tools to convey and process the subjective experiences of the researcher-practitioner through acts of making and observing to formulate a new understanding of comics collaboration. The practical and theoretical components of the project will together synthesise a broader cultural context for this original understanding.


Professor Roger Sabin

Dr Jane Tynan