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Student research in communication and graphic design

Current student research degree projects in communication and graphic design at University of the Arts London.

  • Kwame Baah - Defining acceptable colour tolerances for identity branding - psychophysical modelling of colour appearance in free viewing conditions
  • Klaus Birk - Built information: visual communication in digitally augmented public space
  • Gill Brown - Visual elements and visual paradigms: an investigation into scientific conceptual figures.
  • Julie Janet Chauffier - The secret language of letter shapes
  • Fahad A Dhawi - Redesigning Arabic Learning Books: An exploration of the role of graphic communication and typography as visual pedagogic tools in Arabic-Latin bilingual design.
  • Ahmed Mauroof Jameel - The Third Hand in Creating Comic Books: A Practice-Based Study of Writer-Artist Collaboration
  • Mike Harkins - Contemporary processes of text typeface design
  • Philip Jones - The bones of the book: schematic structure and meaning made from books
  • Francisco Laranjo - Designing a critic – research methods for critical graphic design practice
  • Joana Casaca Lemos - Communication Design for Sustainability: exploring the role of communication design as catalyst for participation in initiatives that foster sustainability.
  • Chris May - University Brand Guidelines: their communication to and implementation by designer and non-designer users
  • Penelope Mendonca - A Graphic Novel: Storying the Absent Father
  • John Miers - Can You Read It This Way? Tracing and expanding the limits of comic-strip storytelling through practice
  • Julia Pitts - Story Design and the Museum: Re-evaluating the Role of Narrative in the Exhibition Experience
  • Tzortzis Rallis - Graphic Design for Dissent: The anti-austerity movements and the graphic languages that emerged as a response to the global financial crisis during the early 21st century.
  • Elena Veguillas - Architectural lettering and corporate identity: early branding on commercial buildings
  • Wong Kwok Kei (Sandra) - Cultural Translation: An Analysis of Chinese Tropes in Emerging Luxury Chinese Lifestyle-Fashion Brands