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Critical Mass

Published date
24 Jul 2018
Image courtesy of UAL

An oral history of avant-garde film, the new American cinema and beyond.

The project aimed to assemble a new history of the development of the avant-garde film movement as told through the first testimonies of those that were directly involved.

The project focused on the dynamic period from the 1950s to the 1970s when this art form took shape and artist-led organisations, such as the Filmmakers' CooperativeCanyon Cinema and Anthology Film Archives were established.

Over 100 hours of interview material generated by the project was to be drawn upon in the preparation of a book by Mark Webber, and deposited in archives in London and New York, where they will be available for consultation by other scholars.

Principal Investigator: Mark Webber
College: London College of Communication
Main Funder: British Academy
Funding Period: 2006 - 2007