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Rebecca Binns

Published date
27 Jun 2018

Political Autonomy, Humour and Satire in Vaucher’s Artwork for Crass, International Anthem and Mainstream Publications

College: London College of Communication
Supervisors: Dr Russell Bestley, Tony Credland, Professor Matthew Worley (University of Reading)


This thesis surveys, situates and analyses graphics produced by Gee Vaucher as part of the anarcho-punk band and collective, Crass (1977-84) and for mainstream and self-produced publications. Relevant contexts include specific avant-garde art movements and the DIY approach actively deployed in punk graphics. Ideas driving the 1960s peace and counter-cultural movements and the contemporaneous socio-economic context are also relevant. Areas of focus include Vaucher’s use of humour, satire and obscenity in relation to both a wider punk aesthetic and historic, British caricature and her notion of autonomy with reference to anarchist philosophy, with a particular focus on social (lived) anarchism.