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Paola Pierri

Published date
27 Jun 2018

Design as Making Futures: an act of social imagination

College: London College of Communication
Supervisors: Dr Alison Prendiville, Adam Drazin (UCL)


Designers have usually understood design as a sibling of innovation and a practice of making and imagining what doesn’t exist yet and could be made within society. As design and its practice are evolving and expanding into new areas, as for instance with design for social innovation or for policy-making, this research aims to explore:

  • What is the role of design in the context of social change and making futures?
  • How design and designers define the future(s) and who they see as the originators?
  • Explore the relationship between designers and non-professional designers (e.g. clients) in future making?
  • How, within the design process, new ideas of ‘what could be possible’ emerge and are diffused?