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Louise Scovell

Published date
27 Jun 2018

Achieving Social Change Through Visual Communication.

College: London College of Communication
Supervisors: Dr Ian Horton, Dr Alison Prendiville, Jackie Guille


My research seeks to rebalance gender equality at a core level, from within the female body. Drawing parallels between cell biology, female agency, and reproductive healthcare, I posit a phenomenological lens for Design for Social Change - one that is protean, autopoïetic, enactive and recursively nuanced. I explore female selfhood and ownership - as it relates to her particular body, the ‘I’. Within “a body”, within the “the body” (society at large), where precisely is the self located? The archetypal, primordial, and elemental nature of the stem cell and its diagram of relations: geometry is a good starting point from which one can leap exponentially.