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Joshua Y’Barbo

Published date
27 Jun 2018

What are the implications for Institutional Critique as a site-specific social intervention into art's principal pedagogical institution?

College: Chelsea College of Arts
Supervisors: Dave Beech, Dr Marsha Bradfield


The PhD study responds to the constraints placed on Institutional Critique by its historical focus on the museum at the expense of art’s other institutions such as pedagogical institutions. The conception of artist institutions within first and second generation Institutional Critique has always included within its list of institutions, the art school, however, no major works of Institutional Critique have been conducted within arts schools and university departments of art.

By considering the art practices of Chelsea Salon within the discourse of Institutional Critique, the research project questions the sites of critique within the theory and practice of Institutional Critique. Given that institutional critique has focused exclusively on art's institutions of display (galleries and museums), can institutional critique be extended by both theoretically and practically by shifting the physical site of its critical practice from the museum to the art school?