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Hanna Kontu

Published date
27 Jun 2018

Catalyst for brand equity – recent innovations in social media

London College of Fashion

Two decades after its commercial launch, the Internet has become a significant distribution channel and a leading source of consumer information and empowerment (Constantinides et al., 2008). Moreover, through the rise of digital and social media in recent years, consumers are intensely engaged with brands, publicly promoting or criticising the products, thus collaborating in brands’ development and challenging and shaping their meanings (Edelman, 2010).

Until recently, many fashion brands, principally those in the luxury category, have been sceptical of the social media environment and reluctant to embrace new technologies. This attitude has changed in the last few years however, as social media such as fashion blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest have become an integral part of how fashion brands communicate with their customers and providing immense opportunities for innovative branding.

My research explores the role of social media in brand equity creation, within the fashion industry. In particular, the aim is to examine how applications of social media could contribute to brand building by involving the customer in the creation, delivery, and dissemination of the brand message and how social media could be successfully incorporated into the overall branding strategy to generate sustainable competitive advantage for fashion brands in the global marketplace.


Dr Alessandra Vecchi,

Anthony Kent

Professor Ian King