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Carl Grinter

Published date
27 Jun 2018

How surprise transforms anxiety to create meaning and value in the design, production and experiential consumption of social-immersive media?

London College of Communication

Social-immersive media, associated with virtual and mixed-reality responsive-media, enables us to participate through role-enactment in partly actual and partly fantastical experiences.

This mentally- absorbing situation enables a process, change and passage from one mental state to another, characterised by diminishing critical distance and increasing emotional involvement (Grau,2002).

Through practice, i am researching how immersive experience remediates the conditions within which surprise arises in real world conditions, generated as a consequence of anxieties when dealing with uncertain and unpredictable scenarios.

As a reparative response surprise can provide valuable learning and new ways of seeing the world.


Professor William Raban

Dr Amanda Windle