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Anna-Louise Meynell

Published date
27 Jun 2018

Safeguarding Cultural Heritage: Recording the Living Tradition of Eri Silk Weaving in Meghalaya, North East India

College: London College of Fashion
Supervisors: Professor Sandy Black, Eiluned Edwards


This research aims to investigate the cultural significance of eri silk hand weaving in Meghalaya, North East India and the community approach to preservation of this artisanal heritage. In the remote state of Meghalaya there is little detailed documentation of traditional textile design or the tacit knowledge of the artisans who produce this distinctive ‘peace’ silk.

The research will be a qualitative fieldwork based study, using the framework of both ethnographic and practice informed research, grounded in a weavers’ perspective, as researcher and subject. The thesis will include a critical analysis of the impact of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention, synthesising the findings in a response to the specific case study of eri silk weaving in Meghalaya.