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Andrew Megaw

Published date
23 May 2019

Nineteenth century British photographically illustrated books, from the 1840s to the mid 1870s, considered as historical artefacts

College: Camberwell College of Arts
Supervisors: Professor Nicholas PickwoadDr. Patrizia di Bello (external)


For a short period of time, in the mid 19th century, the newly invented medium of photography was used to illustrate books. As no means had yet been invented to translate a photographic image unto the same printed plane as the text, original photographs were adhered into the books. The purpose of my research is to examine these composite objects as an integrated whole rather than analysing the photographs in isolation. This research will be supported by placing it within the milieu and context of 19th  century publishing and society. Furthermore, I wish to consider these books in the context of their current condition and future preservation.