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Aaron John Matthews

Published date
27 Jun 2018

Derrida, and Writing the Events of May 1968

Central Saint Martins

The research attends to a small and oft-overlooked area of Derrida’s writings from the early 1970s, even ignored by the philosopher himself during the defence for his doctorat d’etat in 1980.

Attending to intellectual, historical, political and biographical material, the thesis noted how this highly-individual period of writing occurred almost immediately after the scenes of revolt against the Gaullist regime.

Notable for intellectual and stylistic shifts in Derrida’s own writings, my research considers these as Derrida’s own reaction to the May 1968 revolts and to accusations of apoliticism levelled at him by his intellectual peers.


Christopher Kul-Want

Dr Giovanna Morra

Dr Duncan White