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Student Research in art and design: history and theory

Current research degree projects on a range of topics are conducted across UAL colleges in art and design: history and theory.

Examples of completed research degree projects in art and design: history and theory can be found from the link below, with student names, colleges, thesis titles and supervisors. Digital versions of theses are available to view where possible.

  • Gill Addison - Something to hold onto: The re-materialisation of research in moving image practice.
  • Jennifer Allan - Fog Tropes: The social and cultural history of the foghorn
  • Georgina Amos - What does Perfectionism Mean in Contemporary Painting Practice?
  • Sonia-Doris Andras - The women of little Paris: fashion as a society’s reflection in Bucharest, 1919-1939.
  • Matilda Aspinall - Unpicked: historical refashioning skills as a foundation for sustainable clothing design.
  • Eldina Begi - How to wear utopia: a dress manual for the socialist future
  • Liza Betts - The intricacy of the ‘ordinary’ and the complexity of the ‘everyday’; their translation into screen costume.
  • Daniel Baker - Technologies of encounter: the travel narrative and the materiality of museum display.
  • Rebecca Binns - Political Autonomy, Humour and Satire in Vaucher’s Artwork for Crass, International Anthem and Mainstream Publications.
  • Sally Bolton - The Fashion Image in the Digital Age: Moving between the printed page and the digital screen.
  • Anna Ruth Boonstra - Soft Activism in Britain (1974-1984): The Understanding of Handcraft as a Communicative and Feminist Practice
  • Sara Buoso - What Does Light Frame? Investigating the Material and the Practices of Light in Contemporary Arts.
  • Richard Crawford - Taxidermy and Art.
  • Gavin Edmonds - Listening For Echoes: 'Afterwardsness' as a model for artistic practice.
  • Miranda Garrett - Agnes and Rhoda Garrett: Professional Art Decorators. An examination of their work and an evaluation of their significance in the history of British interior design.
  • Maja Grakalic - Critical Design in Socialist Yugoslavia
  • Gustavo Grandal Montero - The 'Turn to language': Concrete poetry and conceptual art in the 1960s
  • Altea Grau Vidal - Unmasking conventions: re-evaluating the notion of the double page spread.
  • Carl Grinter - How does surprise transform anxiety to create meaning and value in the design, production and experiential consumption of social-immersive media?
  • Rebecca Hackemann - Not on The Plaza: critical strategies and psychoanalytic theory for permanent public art in New York.
  • Michelle Hanks - K2tog: The hand-knitted gift and its status and value in the twenty-first century
  • Mahtab Hanna - Silent Protest: the questionable existence, role and impact of political jewellery in Iran as a response to war.
  • Matthew Haycocks - Where are we now? Geo-located narratives of quotidian archives.
  • Jennifer Hayton - The archived costume object: the transference and translation of historical and contemporary costume design practices through the costumes in the Central Saint Martins Museum and Study Collection Theatre Archives.
  • Inbo Kang - Design-led collaborative public service innovation: Investigating the role design/designers play in supporting effective collaboration in local government organisations
  • Siri Lindholm - The 'Lolita Excuse': Girl-Children, Representation and Sexualisation
  • Aaron John Matthews - Derrida, and Writing the Events of May 1968
  • Andrew Megaw - Nineteenth century British photographically illustrated books, from the 1840s to the mid 1870s, considered as historical artefacts.
  • Caroline de Menezes - Curatorship and the mapping of post-Duchampian art in Brazil in the late 20th century.
  • Anna-Louise Meynell - Safeguarding Cultural Heritage: Recording the Living Tradition of Eri Silk Weaving in Meghalaya, North East India
  • Lindsey Moore - Edith Head – “Dress Doctor”. An exploration of her role as disseminator of fashion, from 1945 to 1981
  • Premila van Ommen - Being “Gurkha”, Becoming British: Fashion, Creativity and Diaspora Identity Formation Amongst Young Nepali Migrants
  • Paola Pierri - Design as Making Futures: an act of social imagination
  • Babette Radclyffe-Thomas - Vogue China and notions of nationality, identity and gender in 21st century China
  • Stavroula Rapti - Chelating agents for the removal of iron corrosion products from dry composite objects
  • Johannes Reponen - Contemporary fashion criticism: practices, voices and places
  • Mario Roman - Styling Blokes and Bros: Representations of Fashion, Masculinities and ‘the Nation’ in the 2012 Fashion Spreads of American and British GQ Magazines
  • Lucy Russell - What I see I own? The act of (re) drawing fashion and beauty advertisements: an intervention tool to assist body image media literacy?
  • Giorgio Salani - Towards a taxonomy of artisanal ceramic tableware: a practice-led enquiry into qualities and values in contemporary British and Japanese pottery
  • Vanessa Saraceno - Sustainability: A new sensitivity in contemporary art.
  • Julia Schaeper - From small change to big impact: How service design approaches can help to transform healthcare
  • Louise Scovell - Achieving Social Change Through Visual Communication
  • Catherine Smith - Identity, Fashion & Clothing Choices for Women with Mobility Impairments
  • Rhian Solomon - Designer Facilitator: The Body as a meeting place for advancing collaborations between design and reconstructive surgical fields to enhance methods in clinical practice.
  • Tommaso Speretta - Alternative AIDS Video: the representation of the AIDS crisis in independent art video and film in the 1980s and 1990s London–New York
  • June Rowe - Sculpting Beauty: A Cultural Analysis of Mannequin Design and Fashionable Feminine Silhouettes
  • Evgenia Tarasova - Social media and fashion consumption in Russia, 2002-2012.
  • Vija Vilcins - Framing the garden through a nostalgic lens: representations of class and gender in English film during the period 1980 to 1990
  • Joshua Y’Barbo - What are the implications for Institutional Critique as a site-specific social intervention into art's principal pedagogical institution?
  • Millie van der Byl Williams - Understanding agency and the effect of co-creativity in dementia care