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Onyeka Igwe

Published date
04 Mar 2019

Unbossed and Unbound: How can critical proximity activate British colonial moving images?

College: London College of Communication
Supervisors: Professor Pratap Rughani, Dr Brad Butler, Professor William Raban


Archivisation and the visioning technology of cinema, fuels the transformation of the colonial imaginary. to fixed truths of the colonial black subject. To combat this, theoretical strategies of reading against the grain have emerged and this impetus has found a home in various moving image practices. Does this work sufficiently exist outside of the very knowledge systems that created totalizing and racist understandings of blackness? This research develops and deploys critical proximity; a methodology that embraces illegitimate forms, outside the bounds of Western Thought, to activate colonial moving images and produce audiovisual works that challenge hegemonic ways of knowing.

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