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Kevin Logan

Published date
22 May 2019

How to (Re)Do Things with Sounds: Mediating the Sonic-Deed

London College of Communication.

This research has emerged from my own cross-disciplinary practice, its purpose is to posit an intrinsic ‘performativity’ of the sonic within a Contemporary Art framework, offering new ground for an understanding of the agency of audio-works. This is achieved through the production of works that compel an engagement with the performed ‘deed’, rather than the ‘product’ or the phenomenon that it creates. In this research I utilise a hybridised practice model of performance and moving-image to create a site for exploratory studies, within which I enact speculative sonic-events. These events, which I term sound-producing ‘deeds’ are isolated and re-staged through a combination of live re-performance, gallery based audio-visual presentations, screenings and online dissemination.


Dr Salome Voegelin

Professor David Toop

Dr Thomas Gardner