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James Robertson

Published date
03 Jun 2019

Dispersed narrative: a reading of contemporary film and video in the gallery context, 2000-2012

Central Saint Martins

My research focusses on contemporary moving image works in the gallery from 2000 to the present. During this time there has been a shift from the pseudo-cinematic black box, prevalent of the 1990s, to open and immersive environments engaging directly with the gallery space.

My emphasis is on these moving image works, the means by which they actively construct meaning and how that meaning is dispersed across different narrative elements, from the work's subject matter or explicit narrative, to the gallery as a contextualising framework, to a viewer's physical navigation of the installation. My thesis proposes a concept of a 'Dispersed Narrative' operating within and upon these works, and investigates how this produces particular modes of spectatorship and processes of experiencing and reading the work.


Professor Graham Ellard

Dr Duncan White