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Student research in animation, interactive, film and sound

Film roll
Karel Doing PhD Animation postgraduate research London College of Communication

Current student research degree projects in animation, interactive, film and sound at University of the Arts London.

  • Artur Matamoro-Vidal - Exploring the notions of Silence and Sociality: New Contexts of Listening in Contemporary Music Improvisation
  • Catherine Long - A feminist dialogue with the camera.
  • Colin Perry - Into the mainstream: radical independent documentaries and television in Britain, 1974–1990
  • Daniel Scott - The Listening Artist: How can multiple listening strategies inform contemporary sound art practice?
  • Deniz Akcha - Traces of Non-Muslim Female Identity in the Case Study Istiklal Avenue, and Its Representation in Fine Art Practice
  • Eleanor Suess - Constructing the architectural moving drawing: transdisciplinary practices between architecture and artists’ film
  • Gerard Choy - Sounding Chinese: tracing the voice of early 20th-century to present-day transnational Chinese.
  • Jaime Peschiera - The Eye that Cries: How might autoethnography investigate aphasia in Peru’s post-colonial memory debate?
  • James Robertson - Dispersed narrative: a reading of contemporary film and video in the gallery context, 2000-2012.
  • John Kannenberg - A Sound Map of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo (excerpt)
  • Jonathan Gilmurray - Ecoacoustics: Ecology and Environmentalism in Contemporary Music and Sound Art
  • Julie Groves - Physical Composition: Investigating the notion of the physical as a compositional tool by defining the term and its use through creative practice
  • Julie Marsh - How can the projected image be used to convey an experience, the material and physical essence of place?
  • Karel Doing - Ambient poetics and critical posthumanism in expanded cinema
  • Kate Pelling - Select Reject Reconfigure: Editing Speech in Artists’ Direct Address to Camera
  • Kevin Logan - How to (Re)Do Things with Sounds: Mediating the Sonic-Deed
  • Louise Marshall - Deep Listening: the Strategic Practice of Contemporary Female Experimental Composers post-1945
  • Mario Abou Hamad - Physical Cinema: a resistant strategy in the Syrian Genocide.
  • Matt Parker - Vibrating the web: sonospheric studies of media infrastructure ecologies
  • Neus Miró Gonzalez - The Evolution of Exhibition Grammar since the 1960s due to the Assimilation of Moving Image Practices into the Art Gallery and Art Museum.
  • Onyeka Igwe - Unbossed and Unbound: How can critical proximity activate British colonial moving images?
  • Timothy Smith - Queering of Memory/Temporality/Subjectivity: Subversive Methods in Audiovisual Practice.