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Student Research in Animation, Interactive, Film & Sound

Film roll
Karel Doing PhD Animation postgraduate research London College of Communication

Current student research degree projects in animation, interactive, film and sound at University of the Arts London.

  • Mario Abou Hamad - Physical Cinema: a resistant strategy in the Syrian Genocide.
  • Deniz Akcha - Traces of Non-Muslim Female Identity in the Case Study Istiklal Avenue, and Its Representation in Fine Art Practice
  • Gerard Choy - Sounding Chinese: tracing the voice of early 20th-century to present-day transnational Chinese.
  • Karel Doing - Ambient poetics and critical posthumanism in expanded cinema
  • Jonathan Gilmurray - Ecoacoustics: Ecology and Environmentalism in Contemporary Music and Sound Art
  • Julie Groves - Physical Composition: Investigating the notion of the physical as a compositional tool by defining the term and its use through creative practice
  • John Kannenberg - A Sound Map of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo (excerpt)
  • Kevin Logan - How to (Re)Do Things with Sounds: Mediating the Sonic-Deed
  • Catherine Long - A feminist dialogue with the camera.
  • Julie Marsh - How can the projected image be used to convey an experience, the material and physical essence of place?
  • Louise Marshall - Deep Listening: the Strategic Practice of Contemporary Female Experimental Composers post-1945
  • Artur Matamoro-Vidal - Exploring the notions of Silence and Sociality: New Contexts of Listening in Contemporary Music Improvisation
  • Neus MirĂ³ Gonzalez - The Evolution of Exhibition Grammar since the 1960s due to the Assimilation of Moving Image Practices into the Art Gallery and Art Museum.
  • Matt Parker - Vibrating the web: sonospheric studies of media infrastructure ecologies
  • Kate Pelling - Select Reject Reconfigure: Editing Speech in Artists’ Direct Address to Camera
  • Colin Perry - Into the mainstream: radical independent documentaries and television in Britain, 1974–1990
  • Jaime Peschiera - The Eye that Cries: How might autoethnography investigate aphasia in Peru’s post-colonial memory debate?
  • James Robertson - Dispersed narrative: a reading of contemporary film and video in the gallery context, 2000-2012.
  • Daniel Scott - The Listening Artist: How can multiple listening strategies inform contemporary sound art practice?
  • Timothy Smith - Haptic Aurality and the Queering of Memory: Subversive Methods in Audio-Visual Practice.
  • Eleanor Suess - Constructing the architectural moving drawing: transdisciplinary practices between architecture and artists’ film