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Tsuyoshi Amano

Published date
03 Jun 2019

The points of prototyping in innovation management: concretisation, openness and stakeholder involvement

Central Saint Martins

The purpose of my research is to make prototyping applicable to broader contexts by theorising the characteristics.

Although the methodologies of designers to solve ill-defined problems have been recognised as a way of managing innovation, prototyping is not fully exploited because there are some hesitations in its potential to expose ideas to fellow designers or produces negative impressions among potential customers through the presentation of uncompleted products and services.

My research however, is based on the proposition that the advantages of prototyping surpass the expected negative impacts when it is used with three key aspects: concretisation, openness and stakeholder involvement.


Papers delivered

'Prototyping in Business Model Innovation: Exploring the Role of Design Thinking in Business Model Development', was accepted by the Design Management Institute (DMI), one of the leading organisations of design researchers and practitioners, and presented at the 19th DMI Academic Design Management Conference: Design Management in an Era of Disruption.