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Update to Level 3 qualifications – Total Qualification Time and revised Guided Learning Hours

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Published date 13 July 2016

We recently updated our Level 3 Diploma and Extended Diploma qualifications to include a value for Total Qualification Time (TQT). TQT includes all the time needed to gain a qualification, including teaching (Guided Learning Hours, or GLH), assessment and other study e.g. independent study.

The need for qualifications to have a TQT value is due to Ofqual’s move from the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) to the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), which was introduced in October 2015.

The RQF is designed to help people to understand qualifications, providing detail on the challenge and size of each regulated qualification and how it compares in relation to other same level qualifications. It is a single, simple system for cataloguing all qualifications regulated by Ofqual. It’s like a bookcase in a library, with qualifications indexed by their ‘level’ and ‘size’. Further information on the changes introduced can be found on the website.

Qualification Level
Levels indicate the difficulty and complexity of the knowledge and skills associated with any qualification. There are eight levels supported by three ‘entry’ levels.

Qualification Size
Size refers to the estimated total amount of time it could typically take to study and be assessed for a qualification. This can be anything from a matter of hours to several years of study and different students can take different amounts of time to study for the same qualification. Size is expressed in terms of Total Qualification Time (TQT). The part of that time typically spent being taught or supervised, rather than studying alone, is known as Guided Learning Hours (GLH).

Revised GLH and new TQT
Ofqual asked all awarding organisations to allocate TQT values for qualifications that have (or are expected to have) tariff points by 30 June 2016. We therefore reviewed the notional learning hours of all UAL Awarding Body Level 3 qualifications, and identified the need for additional GLH for introductory and summative units to be delivered effectively. The grids below summarise the changes and the new TQT for all of our Level 3 qualifications:

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 10.59.27

The updated specifications are available to view and download online, or you can contact the UAL Awarding Body marketing team to request hard copies:

We will be reviewing the size of our Level 1, 2 and 4 qualifications in the coming months and will assign Total Qualification Time for all the qualifications offered by 1 December 2017.