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Student success stories – past Origins prize-winner shares their experience

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Published date 21 May 2018

Privacy Protection by Neeraj Kainth, Origins 2017, Copyright Eva Clifford

UAL Awarding body caught up with Neeraj Kainth, winner of “strongest mixed-media piece” at Origins 2017.

Name: Neeraj Kainth
UAL Awarding Body Course & Level: UAL Graphic Design Level 3
Institution when exhibiting at origins: Birmingham Metropolitan College
Current institution/employer:  FEED Studio, BMet

How did you find out about Origins?
I was studying the UAL Awarding Body Graphic Design Level 3 qualification and my lecturers at college encouraged me to submit my final project for the exhibition.

Tell us about the piece of work that you exhibited at Origins?
My work was titled ‘Privacy Protection’. It addressed how easily we give away information about ourselves online. Through print, animation and augmented reality, it explored the culture of social media and how harmless contact with friends can in fact lead us to give away more information than we want. The work was housed in a manipulated network tower; a kind of assemblage of social media and technology. Information for it was gathered through manual and online questionnaires.

What did you find most enjoyable about exhibiting your work at Origins?
I think the atmosphere of the event was the most enjoyable thing for me. I loved being surrounded by peers who shared the same passion towards art and design. The location of the exhibition was also brilliant. It was great to know that my work was being shown in proximity to artists such Shepard Fairey and D-face.

What was your experience of exhibiting your work at Origins 2018?
I had never exhibited work to the public on that scale. At first, I was a bit nervous but the response from people looking at my artwork and the conversations I had with them made me feel really confident and the proud of the body of work I had created.

Tell us the most rewarding thing about presenting your work at Origins 2018.
The most rewarding thing for me was when my work was chosen as the “strongest mixed media piece.” I wasn’t expecting to win any prizes at the exhibition, but I was overwhelmed to know that my artwork had made an impact on people.

What would you say to students that are unsure about submitting work to this year’s event?
I would say go for it, 100% without a doubt. Only good things can come from exhibiting at Origins. I think it is a great opportunity for students to show their skills and passion for their subjects, and it is a brilliant experience for someone who is beginning their art/design journey or are in the early stages of their career. 

What are you currently working on at the moment and where?
At the moment, I am creating artwork for my end of year exhibition which is exploring the theme of Mass Surveillance through technology. I decided to stay at BMet and I am currently studying HND Graphic Design within the FEED Studio. The FEED studio is a creative learning environment linked to the college, that teaches at an industry standard level and is run like a design studio.

What are your educational and professional hopes for the future?
I hope to progress to university next year to continue studying Graphic Design when I finish my HND. One of my long-term goals is to work in a design studio and to be a part of the ever-growing design scene in Birmingham. I feel like Birmingham has so much to offer to the world of art/design, and I hope to be one of the young designers from the city to carry out this goal.

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