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Improvements to digital moderation, special consideration and other policies

  • Written byUAL Awarding Body
  • Published date 21 April 2022

This summer, moderation of UAL Awarding Body qualifications will be entirely digital. We have had feedback from a few Centres, that some of our processes do not work well with school and college IT systems. Therefore, we are introducing a simple change to make the process easier.

Centres will no longer be required to upload the student portfolios link to our Quartz Portal. Instead, you will be able to share the link directly with your allocated External Moderator. During May our External Moderators will be contacting all Centres. This is to ensure that Centres will have a named contact to whom they can send a link to student portfolios, on a qualification-by-qualification basis.

All marksheets will still need to be uploaded to our Quartz Portal by 21 June.  All student portfolios should also be ready to be sent to the External Moderator by this date (unless they have been pre-approved to have an extension on the submission date). If you think your Centre will not be able to upload all student portfolios in one link you must liaise directly with your allocated External Moderator once contacted in May in order to agree on an exception.

Please note that there must be appropriate members of staff available after the 21 June at your Centre. This is to ensure that any issues with accessing portfolios, and any queries raised as part of the moderations process, can be resolved.

We are also pleased to announce our significantly revised policies have been published. Our new Special Considerations Policy is designed to ensure no student is unfairly disadvantaged by the ongoing impact of the pandemic. The new approach will enable centres to apply for Special Considerations as required. Our full list of revised policies includes:

We recommend all relevant staff at Centres familiarise themselves with the new policies, especially any superuser or coordinators responsible for submitting requests to us.