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Creative careers shouldn’t be overlooked

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Published date 14 March 2016

File_001Chelsea College of Art. Copyright Alys Tomlinson

Vija Vilcins, Lecturer at London College of Fashion, on how creative subjects influence and benefit many industries: 

The creative industries are one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK, employing more people than the financial or advanced manufacturing sectors, and generating a value of £84.1 billion for the UK economy in 2014.

John Kampfner, CEO of the Creative Industries Federation explains that the benefits of the UK’s creative industries are wide-reaching: “… from music to fashion, from theatre to video games, from architecture to publishing – (the creative industries) help to make Britain great. They define our soft power around the world; they make our towns and cities more livable and likeable.”

As a researcher at Central Saint Martins and lecturer at London College of Fashion, I have insight into the wide range of study and employment opportunities within the creative industries. It’s an exciting time; creative collaborations with science universities, big businesses and governments around the globe are increasing. The creative industries operate across an ever-widening landscape, with new roles and specialisms surfacing all the time.

It is sometimes assumed that creativity is something you either have or you don’t, but it is increasingly seen as an approach to thinking that can be taught. Many of the skills and principles applied in creative education are highly valuable in other sectors, such as: risk-taking, critical thinking, entrepreneurship and originality.

I have a passion for and commitment to creative arts education and I believe that our ways of working are central to both a healthy economy and successful society.

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