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Centre Information for Summer 2022 External Moderation

Written by
UAL Awarding Body
Published date
21 February 2022

This information applies to our externally moderated qualifications. Detailed information for our externally assessed qualifications will follow shortly.

As previously announced, external moderation for our qualifications will be conducted remotely this academic year. We are now pleased to outline the key dates involved and provide an overview of the process. This information and supporting document will help ensure your centre is ready for external moderation this summer.

Submitting evidence

The last date for submission of evidence for external moderation using the complete Digital Moderation Submission Declaration form for every registered group is 21 June 2022.

This includes the following:

  • All assessment and internal verification of grades for the formative and summative units has taken place
  • All referrals have been redeemed and final Fail, Pass, Merit and Distinction grades (where applicable) have been awarded
  • All requests for special consideration applications have been submitted and approved
  • Reasonable adjustments evidence is available to the moderator in a digitally accessible format
  • All group authentication forms have been signed and included within Student Digital Portfolios (SDP)
  • All Student Digital Portfolios (SDP) are checked, organised, and uploaded in preparation for external moderation
  • All links and any host sites have been checked to ensure they are live and working
  • All unit grades checked, confirmed internally, entered onto the mark sheet and uploaded to the UAL portal 48 hours before submission of the digital moderation submission declaration form

You can submit the evidence and grades before 21 June 2022, and this is recommended where possible, but the details above and in the digital portfolio submission guidance document must be included as required.

The Digital Moderation Submission Declaration form will be made available on the UAL portal and accessible for allocated Super Users within your Centre. Guidance for accessing and submission will be communicated to your Centre by the UAL Awarding Body Operations Team via the Super User contact they have on record. Please ensure you check the details for the Super User are accurate.


It is the Centres responsibility to ensure delivery and assessment teams read and understand the guidance and all contact details we have on record are up to date and correct. Centres must also ensure that the grades provided on the mark sheet are quality assured internally prior to upload.

Grades are confidential. They must be stored securely and must not be shared externally with students, parents, or members of the public, or internally with any staff not directly involved in the grading process. Once external moderation is complete the External Moderator will recommend that the grades are presented to the Board of Examiners for scrutiny and ratification. The results are not final until released by UAL.

Our Level 3 and Level 4 results should be released by centres to students on 18 August 2022. Our Level 1 and Level 2 results should be released by centres to students on 25 August 2022. In both cases we will supply results to centres several days in advance of these dates (under strict embargo) to enable them to prepare for results days

Centres will be subject to the application of the UAL Sanctions Policy if embargoed grades are released prior to the UAL release date and/or the above conditions and deadline are not achieved. Late or incorrect submission of digital portfolio evidence and/or grades may result in late certification of the qualification.