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Adapted delivery guidance for this academic year

We are pleased to be publishing our adapted delivery guidance for 2020/21 and our adapted delivery guidance for Level 3 Applied General Extended Diploma in Art and Design. This guidance for our approved centres is designed to reflect the realities of delivering our qualifications this year and to prepare for further serious disruption should it occur. As part of our new quality assurance process for this academic year, centres will need to complete a Candidate Group Authentication Form, which we have also provided.

Thanks to all of you who contributed feedback and examples of the situations we need to accommodate in the current situation. We have been working to create a manageable set of guidelines, with robust quality controls that will ensure a fair and consistent approach. These will also meet regulatory requirements as set out by Ofqual's Extended Extraordinary regulatory framework and apply across the UK.

It is clear that the local challenges faced by centres, and across different creative practices, require more than one approach to delivering learning. Our guidance creates a framework that offers flexibility while setting out some mandatory requirements to ensure that valid and reliable results can be produced.

Key areas covered by the guidance include:

  • The relative balance of blended and online learning
  • Planning delivery and assessments
  • Authentication of student work
  • Increased contact points and support you can expect from us over the year
  • Confirmation that external moderation will be 100% online this year, although please note that further instructions on preparing for this will follow later this year.

A major objective of this guidance is to support full delivery of our qualifications, including final major project units, in all but the most extreme of eventualities. We’ve been inspired by the reliance and ingenuity of staff and students at our centres and want to recognise your work as fully as possible. As part of our new quality assurance processes for this academic year, centres will need to complete a Candidate Group Authentication Form. This can be downloaded below.

We are supporting this guidance document with a series of subject-based online sessions with our experienced academic team, including a significant focus on answering your questions. There are multiple sessions on offer to ensure that everyone who needs to can access this support.

Book onto a subject-based online session.

Download the full Delivery Guidance.

Download Candidate Group Authentication Form.

If you have a specific non-urgent question about delivery it may be answered in the guidance, in future instructions or one of our online sessions.

If you have a pressing issue you need to draw to our attention as a result of the guidance you can contact us at Please give the name of the qualification you are asking about to help us reply to you quickly.

We look forward to supporting you and your students to succeed this year.

UAL Awarding Body