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2021/22 Delivery Guidance for centres

Written by
UAL Awarding Body
Published date
01 September 2021

The impact that the pandemic has had on teaching, learning and assessment in the previous two years is significant. There have been countless challenges faced by centres, and across different creative practices, which require more than one approach to delivering learning.

Our Delivery Guidance for 2021/22 anticipates the continued impact the pandemic may have and creates a framework that offers flexibility while setting out some mandatory requirements, to ensure that valid and reliable assessment outcomes can be produced.

We have worked closely with our regulators (Ofqual, CCEA Regulation and Qualifications Wales), relevant sector bodies and other stakeholders to identify relevant adaptations for delivery this academic year. We have also taken on board feedback from our centres to ensure that we have addressed your key concerns. The approaches outlined in this document applies to UAL qualifications awarded in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and complies with the requirements of the corresponding Ofqual’s Vocational and Technical Qualifications Contingency Regulatory Framework.

Key areas covered by the guidance include:

  • Planning delivery and assessments, including for occupational qualifications
  • Balancing face-to-face and remote learning in a blended approach
  • External assessment requirements for Applied General qualifications
  • Authentication of student work
  • Confirmation that external moderation will continue to be 100% online this year – with a separate guidance document on producing Digital Student Portfolios
  • Continuing the changes made to the controls around the external assessment for the Applied General qualifications
  • Additional contact points and ongoing support you can expect from us over the year

The UK qualifications regulators have now confirmed that Teacher Assessed Grades (TAG), which were used to determine qualification grades in 2020/21, must not be used this academic year. Our expectation is therefore that all students will take their assessments this year, adapted where necessary, even in the event of further disruption.

As part of our quality assurance processes, centres will need to complete a Candidate Group Authentication Form. This can be downloaded below.

Download Candidate Group Authentication Form

Extra Support


We are also supporting this guidance document with a series of subject-based online sessions with our experienced academic team, including a significant focus on answering your questions. There will be multiple sessions on offer to ensure that everyone who needs to can access this support. If you have missed a session please contact to access the recording.

Digital Portfolio Submission Guidance

This academic year we will be adopting a remote digital moderation model for 2021/22. All UAL Awarding Body approved-centres are required to make student work and associated documentation available digitally for those conducting the remote moderation activity. To help you achieve this, we are pleased to provide this practical guidance for centres on Digital Portfolio Submission Guidance for 2021/22

Find out more about this and download the guidance.

If you have a pressing issue you need to draw to our attention that is not covered in the guidance please contact us at Please provide the qualification title where relevant.

We look forward to supporting you and your students to succeed this year.

UAL Awarding Body

Delivering UAL qualifications in 2021/22 academic year

A presentation of UAL's adapted guidance for delivering our qualifications in the 2021-22 academic year.