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UAL Awarding Body events

Our events are designed to equip you with the confidence to run our qualifications successfully.

Origins Creative Arts Festival

Origins Creative Arts Festival celebrates the work and achievements of students completing UAL Awarding Body qualifications at centres across the UK. Attendees can enjoy the work created by talented students across levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. A range of painting, drawing, sculpture, video and fashion will be exhibited and complemented by a programme of music and performing arts.

The 2019 festival will take place at the Old Trumann Brewery, Brick Lane, from 26-28 July.

The exhibition is open to the public:
Friday 26 July, 10.30am - 5pm
Saturday 27 July, 10.30am - 5pm
Sunday 28 July, 11am - 4pm

Admission is free.

Barbican Box Workshop

As part of Origins Creative Arts Festival 2019, Performing Arts students will have the opportunity to take part in a Barbican Box workshop facilitated by Complicité.

On Friday 26 July 2019, international touring theatre company Complicité will be facilitating a Barbican Box workshop at The Truman Brewery as part of Origins Creative Arts Festival.

The Barbican Box is a portable box filled with the ingredients for making and creating original theatre, visual art or music inspired by our world-class arts programme. The day will consist of some warm-up games, before exploring the contents of the box and using items from the box to generate material and content for a final performance.

The workshop is aimed primarily at Performing Arts students and will be limited to 5 students per centre. The workshop is free, however, there are only 30 places available so book now to avoid disappointment. Please share this opportunity any of your students who may be interested in getting unique opportunity.

To register your interest, please e-mail


Origins Creative Arts Festival 2018

(Sarah Atkinson, Head of Academic Standards, UAL Awarding Body)

The origins festival is a celebration of all the work that our students have done throughout their program of study, and this is the culmination of everything that they've done.

(Ross Anderson, Director, UAL Awarding Body)

This is the first year that we've brought together work from across all of the disciplines.

(Ruben Hale, Deputy Director, UAL Awarding Body)

And it combines all of the subject areas that we have qualifications in now, so Art and Design, Fashion, Music, Media, Performing Arts.


It’s all about the best of UAL, so the best of what we do and celebrates kind of what UAL has achieved in the past year.

(Ross Anderson)

We’re exhibiting the work of about 120 students here, so that puts those students in the top 0.27 percent of students in the country taking our courses.

(Ruben Hale)

And they're all really enjoying wandering around several floors of diverse work and letting their minds wander around in other people's brains for a bit.


Celebrating young people and the work that they’ve been producing. It’s just exciting to chat to people and see what they think about your work and be able to talk to other artists about their work.


It's a surreal moment, being here is just an incredible opportunity for us young artists and designers and stylists and media students and just everything in general, like the support you get from everybody here is incredible and I'm forever grateful for what's happening right now.


I'm speechless. I've no words to describe it, I think it's such a great platform for so many students across the country


(Ross Anderson)

This year we brought them all together and having a festival in this way, a multidisciplinary festival really brings out the best of what's so good about creative education in this country


#TeachInspireCreate - Annual Conference 2019

Thanks to everyone who attended the UAL Awarding Body Conference at The Mermaid on Friday 8 February.

The conference kicked off with a welcome presentation from Ross Anderson, Director, UAL Awarding Body, and Simon Ofield-Kerr, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, UAL. The welcome was followed by an entertaining and inspiring presentation from Amy Lamé, London's first Night Czar, on The Value of Everything: Authenticity as Cultural Capital.

Delegates also got to hear key policy updates from UAL Awarding Body on T Levels, Funding and the Future from Ruben Hale, Deputy Director, before moving into subject-specific break out sessions.

Attendees heard from students and key industry voices including practising artists and performers, lecturers, tutors and professionals from 14-18 Now, PRS for Music, TIGA and John Lewis.

MinaLima, who developed the entire graphic style for the Harry Potter movies, delivered an encouraging and uplifting keynote presentation at the end of the day offering the following advice to attendees: 'Choose which opportunities you want to pursue and be confident about carving out your own strengths, identifying and pursuing them.'

Booking for our 2020 Annual Conference will be published here in Autumn 2019.


(Ross Anderson, Director, UAL Awarding Body)

Today we're hosting an annual conference and this is a moment in time where we bring together arts educators from across the country to support them, to inspire them, and to help them think about what they can do to positively impact the creative education of young people in this country.

(Justine Head, Chief Examiner of Fashion Business and Retail)

There's a chance for them to get together and to celebrate what really we do as an awarding body and to actually give something back to them in terms of having some inspirational speakers.


(Sue Cook, Chief Examiner of Foundation Art & Design)

Everyone that comes to the conference actually is a creator, but they also teach and through that teaching they inspire everyone.

(Ruben Hale, Deputy Director, UAL Awarding Body)

An event like this is really important because it's partly to do with building confidence and expertise in the people who are delivering creative education at the moment.

(MinaLima, Graphic Designers)

So MinaLima is a design studio specializing in graphic design, illustration, pretty much fully entertainment business starting with film design but branching out into publishing and packaging design. We formed our studio after working for 10 years together on the Harry Potter franchise.

(Marc Mollica, Chief Examiner of Performing & Production Arts)

The focus is always on the students and they're the next wave, they're the next generation of creators.


Standardisation events

Standardisation events allow centres to discuss and agree the national standards for Pass, Merit and Distinction grades across qualifications. Attendees are invited to look at previously graded, internally verified and externally moderated work from a centre.

Return to this page at the beginning of autumn term to book your place on our October and November standardisation events.

Delivery groups

These events are designed to support new centres that have been approved to commence delivering in the next academic year. Centres are invited to bring their delivery model and assessment materials along for feedback.

Delivery group event will take place on Friday 12 July at 272 High Holborn from 11.00am - 3.30pm.

  • Music, Performance and Production Delivery Group
  • Art and Design (Level 1, 2 and 3) Delivery Group
  • Creative Media Production and Technology Delivery Group
  • Performing and Production Arts Delivery Group
  • Fashion Business and Retail Delivery Group
  • Foundation Studies Delivery Group

Our delivery group event for our Level 4 Performance qualification will take place on Friday 19 July at UAL High Holborn from 12.00pm - 3.00pm.

If you are interested in attending this event, please email

Please note that due to limited spacing, we can only accommodate 2 staff members per subject area.

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