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Working with us

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We're proud to work with a range of inspiring centres, both in the UK and internationally, including many universities and further education colleges. We also work with a limited number of specialist schools and sixth form colleges.

Our rigorous approval process allows us to check that centres have the facilities, staff and internal buy-in required to deliver UAL Awarding Body qualifications at a standard that will inspire, support and develop the students taking them.

Approved centres have free access to regular conferences, standardisation events, advisory visits, sharing good practice events, online materials and our end of year student showcase. These all provide opportunities to share best practice and support the development and maintenance of national standards in our qualifications.

Who we work with

UAL Awarding Body works with more than 120 institutions across the UK in addition to the FLA School of Arts in Seoul. We generally work with Further Education institutions and a few highly specialised arts and creative industries schools.

Centre and qualification approvals

New centres

Centres wishing to deliver UAL Awarding Body qualifications are pre-approved by our team. Our approval process has 4 stages:

  1. Centres complete our initial enquiry form online.
  2. The UAL Awarding Body team reviews all applications and makes an initial decision on whether to proceed with your application. If your application looks suitable, our team will contact you to arrange an approval visit. The approval visit allows us to assess your centre's facilities, meet with staff and discuss the qualifications you wish to deliver.
  3. Following the approval visit, we write up a report recommending whether or not your centre should be approved for delivery. If approved, you will be sent a formal application form to complete.
  4. Your formal paperwork (including staff CVs), are reviewed by our academic team and a final decision is made on whether to approve your centre. Should you be approved to deliver our qualifications, you will also be invited to forthcoming support events.

There are no costs associated with the approval process.

Please note: the deadline for new enquiries from centres wishing to commence delivery of our qualifications in 2018/19 was 31 May 2018.

Existing centres wanting to extend their provision

Existing centres will be required to complete a qualification approval form to extend their provision. An approval may also be required if a centre wishes to extend their provision outside of their approved pathways.

If you have any questions regarding our approval process, or are interested in running UAL Awarding Body qualifications, please email or telephone 020 7514 6394.

Events and training

Centres approved to deliver UAL Awarding Body qualifications benefit from our annual programme of free events. The following events are designed to support centres with qualification delivery and moderation:

Subject specific conferences (spring term)

One-day conference events for each subject area. The days include: inspiring guest speakers, briefings on changes to UAL Awarding Body qualifications and the education landscape, sharing good practice and networking.

Delivery group (end of each academic year)

Designed to support new centres that have been approved to commence delivering in next academic year. Centres are invited to bring their delivery model and assessment materials along for feedback.

Standardisation events (summer and autumn terms)

Standardisation events allow centres to discuss and agree the national standards for Pass, Merit and Distinction grades across qualifications. Attendees are invited to look at previously graded, internally verified and externally moderated work from a centre.

Sharing good practice events

Centres are invited to share their good practice around: delivery, assessment, portfolios and presentation with peers from other institutions.

View our Events calendar.