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Results 2021 information for UAL Awarding Body centres

Earlier this year, we published a full set of instructions for centres on how to work with us this year to produce grades for students on UAL Awarding Body qualifications. For the majority of our qualifications, Teacher Assessed Grades have been produced.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted Teach Assessed Grades this year.

Producing Teacher Assessed grades

Teacher Assessed Grades form part of a wider qualification awards process for which awarding organisations are still ultimately responsible.

We are using highly experienced External Quality Assurance experts to ensure that fair, consistent and accurate grades are awarded this Summer. Our technical staff and Board of Examiners will scrutinise and ratify decisions and ensure that grades are free from bias and discrimination.

Notifying students of results

UAL Approved Centres in England, Wales and Northern Ireland must not, under any circumstances, share Teacher Assessed Grades with students, or their parents/carers, or any other individuals outside the centre. Additionally, final confirmed unit and qualification results must not be made available to students before national results days on the 10 August for Level 3 and 4 qualifications and 12 August for Levels 1 and 2 qualifications.

This is to protect the integrity of tutors’ judgements. This approach avoids Centre staff being put under undue pressure to submit a grade that is not supported by the evidence or has not been quality assured by us. It also protects the integrity of the UAL Awarding Body appeals process. While Teacher Assessed Grades are crucial to the process this year the ultimate responsibility for confirming and issuing results resides with awarding organisations.

As in previous years, we will issue results under embargo to Centres in good time for national results days.

Key Dates

  • 18 June: Deadline for all Teacher Assessed Grades to be submitted to UAL Awarding Body
  • 21 June – 2 July: Centres will be contacted by our External Quality Assurers to sample evidence for Teacher Assessed Grades. Centres must make sure an appropriate teacher or other member of staff with access to the evidence for Teacher Assessed Grades is available during this window.
  • 10 August: Level 3 and 4 results day
  • 12 August: Level 1 and 2 results day
  • 27 August: Appeals deadline for all Level 1,2,3 and 4 results.

Two students looking through sketchbooks and samples of work


For the academic year 2020/21 only, UAL Awarding Body Approved Centres can submit an appeal on behalf of a student, for category B qualifications.

Unlike last year students will not be able to submit a grade appeal directly to UAL Awarding Body. Therefore, it is important that all centres have a clear process for submitting requests for reviews and appeals available to students.

In line with Ofqual requirements, and to align with the GQ appeals process, a student can request a review or appeal on the basis that:

  • There are concerns that the centre has made an admin error in determining the Teacher Assessed Grade.
  • There are concerns that there was an error in the way the centre followed or applied its procedure for determining the Teacher Assessed Grade.
  • The centre did not make a reasonable judgement when deciding which evidence to use to determine the Teacher Assessed Grade, or that the centre did not make a reasonable judgement about the grade based on the evidence gathered.

UAL Approved Centres are required to complete a centre review and then submit the appeal to UAL Awarding Body with their findings, regardless of the outcome.

Centres wishing to submit a grade appeal should review the guidance on appeals in our Awarding UAL qualifications Summer 2021 document.

Grade appeals should be produced only by centres and by completing a Grade Appeal Form in the supporting documents pack.

All grade appeals must be sent, by Centres, to

This policy applies to the majority of UAL Awarding Body qualifications being awarded this year, except for the following:

  • UAL Level 2 Diploma In Professional Competence for Crane Technicians: 600/0709/6
  • UAL Level 2 Diploma In Professional Competence for Grips: 600/0710/2
  • UAL Level 3 Diploma in Professional Competence for Advanced Grips: 600/0776/X
  • UAL Level 3 Diploma for Fashion Studio Assistant: 603/1404/7
  • UAL Level 4 Diploma for Fashion Studio Assistant: 603/1405/9

If your Centre would like to submit any appeals for the qualifications listed above, then please contact for advice.

Disadvantage and discrimination

Although there has been disruption to learning again this year, significant adaptations were designed and put in place last year to mitigate the effects of different student situations and characteristics, such as SEND.

Our approach to generating results this year is designed to minimise the risk of disadvantage to students. There are safeguards in the process against bias or discrimination, and this is an area that will be closely monitored throughout the process.

Guidance pack

What's included in the guidance pack?

  • Introduction
  • Main guidance document: Awarding UAL qualifications – summer 2021
  • Step by step video guide
  • Applying a best fit approach to UAL qualifications
  • Head of centre declaration
  • ITAG (Individual Teacher Assessed Grades) justification template
  • GTAG (Group Teacher Assessed Grades) justification template
  • Example ITAGs and GTAGs
  • Centre FAQs
  • Operational process – summer 2021
  • Key dates for Super Users
  • Special considerations guidance
  • Grade Appeal form

In addition to these documents, Ofqual have created Guidance for centres on making judgements that will support awarding in 2021. This guidance has been designed to help teachers make judgements as objectively as possible, to promote fairness and minimise bias. You can also find this information in our guidance pack.


You can see our full set of policies and procedures, including those for complaints, on our Policies and Procedures page.