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Results 2021

Department for Education and qualification regulator Ofqual have confirmed the approach that awarding organisations must take to awarding results in summer 2021. For the majority of UAL Awarding Body qualifications which culminate in a final assessed unit, Teacher Assessed Grades will need to be produced. To help you find information about specific qualifications, Ofqual have also produced this helpful explainer tool which includes all UAL Awarding Body qualifications.

This process has been designed to be as inclusive as possible, drawing on a wide range of reliable evidence that reflects creative learning and will enable UAL Awarding Body to award the most valid and fair grades for students. Regulators and all parts of the system have been collaborating across UK nations, so this approach will apply in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

This information is relevant to centres and students of UAL Awarding Body pre-degree qualifications at one of our approved centres – it does not apply to UAL undergraduate or postgraduate students.