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Video picks: The sound of play - Polyphonic Playground

  • Written byKirsty Gentle
  • Published date22 June 2018
Age is just a number right? Can playgrounds be for adults too? Peckham-based Studio PSK think so.

There was no age limit to Studio PSK’s collaborative project with Fashion Space Gallery (London College of Fashion) and beatboxer Reeps One.

The ‘Polyphonic Playground’ is an interactive sound installation that brings together design, music and textiles. Conductive paint and thread was used on elements of the design (climbing frames, slides and swings) to turn the structure into one big soundscape made by the visitors to the gallery.

Polyphonic Playground

Video: Carlos Jimenez, Music by Reeps One.

Play the video and you’ll see what happens when people explore the structure with their hands and feet or when Reeps One gets hold of it! The electric charge in the paint or woven textiles triggers sounds programmed into each of the interactive elements.

In the video, the Director of the Fashion Space Gallery, Ligaya Salazar, explains that the gallery is about ‘interdisciplinarity’. You’ll hear this word again and again as you make your journey to a creative career. She’s interested in making projects and curating exhibitions that bring people together from different disciplines, to see how you can create something new by breaking down the traditional boundaries between art, design and the fashion world. We love the way the gallery ran with the idea of working across disciplines- it’s definitely not what you might expect from a gallery at London College of Fashion.

We think this is one of the most inventive uses for the conductive thread and paint created by Bare Conductive.

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