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Techniques: Sketchbooks

a red and white spotted notebook placed on a small table
  • Written byOliver O'Keefe
  • Published date 03 October 2018
a red and white spotted notebook placed on a small table
Still from How to make a sketchbook video. Photograph: Hamish Mek Chohan.
Oliver and Hamish’s step – by – step guide to making your own sketchbook is an unashamed tribute to ’90’s Art Attack legend, Neil Buchanan!

Make your own sketchbook

Video: filmed and edited by Hamish Mek Chohan.

If you’re keen on the technical stuff, in this video Oliver introduces us to the art of book-binding and how to make a ‘single section codex book’. Codex book-binding is an easy way to make a hard back cover sketchbook. The single section part of this term refers to how Oliver stitches the separate pieces of paper together. If this were a bigger hardback book you might have several of these stitched sections stacked together to form the book.

As you can see in the end shot, once you’ve mastered the technique of making a basic sketchbook, you can start to personalize it by adding layers to the front and back of the book and illustrating with your own work.

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