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Techniques: Flip books

a sketch of a face being drawn using a light box
  • Written byDominica Harrison
  • Published date 25 September 2018
a sketch of a face being drawn using a light box
Dominica Harrison, Dominica Harrison. Screenshot from How to make flipbooks video. Video: Dominica Harrison.
| Photograph: UAL
Flipbooks are a great way to generate visual ideas. With just a few materials you can convey a story or message frame-by-frame and give the illusion of movement to your drawings.

Animation technician Dominica shows you how to make your own flipbooks at home.

Make flip books

Video: Dominica Harrison.

Flip books are a great way to bring your sketches to life and create easy free flow animations without too much planning and the results are usually small enough to fit in your pocket! They can be playful and inspire you to develop other moving image or animation work. By experimenting with flip books you’ll really be able to develop a sense of motion and understand the consequences of each line drawn. Once practised, you’ll be able to make little souvenirs for your friends!

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