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On the Hoof - Forster and Heighes

Portrait of artists Forster and Heighes.

On the Hoof - Speculation in unimagined space

19 February 2020

‘On the Hoof - Speculation in Unimagined Space' was a performance lecture which took place in February 2020 as part of Forster and Heighes: Trig Point 51.4134° N, 00.2115° W, an installation exhibition at Wimbledon Space.

The exhibition responded to the period of change and structural reorganisation that Wimbledon College of Arts is presently going through. This change is as a result of the shift towards a focus on delivering courses related to performance, screen and theatre arts to provide a rich, integrated approach to making performance.

Forster and Heighes - On the Hoof - Speculation in unimagined space

In its first iteration, the performance lecture explored the relationship between primary and ancillary space within the creative institution.

Using film, field notes, 'mocked-up’ construction techniques and surveying equipment, the researchers described the unimagined boundaries of a new model of creative provision. A geomantic prospectus for the material and spatial resourcing of the contemporary creative academy.