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Glass Cat 2

Exhibition comprising of sculptural works that explore the potency of objects and the threshold between real and imaginary.

10 January - 14 February 2014

‘Modest and even abject objects are hieroglyphs in whose dark prism social relations lay congealed and in fragments .In this perspective, a thing is never just an object, but a fossil in which a constellation of forces are petrified. Things are never just inert objects, passive items or lifeless shucks, but consist of tensions, forces, hidden powers, all being constantly exchanged.’ - Hito Steyerl, from The Language of Things, 2006.

Curated by Danielle Arnaud and Sarah Woodfine.


Ruth Claxton, Oona Grimes, James Ireland, Sophie Lascelles, Helen Maurer, William Waterhouse, Sarah Woodfine, Tom Woolner.

View photos of the show on Flickr