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Nelson Diplexcito

BA Fine Art: Painting Senior Lecturer
Wimbledon College of Arts
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Nelson  Diplexcito


Nelson Diplexcito’s work is concerned with the relationship that painting has to decelerated time, photography, cinema and narrative.

On closer viewing the work is polysemic and explores the activity of looking, how we experience, imagine and remember images and how this is translated and returned into seeing and into paintings.

A historical knowledge and contemporary understanding of the conception, development and depiction of pictorial space in European and North American painting supports this exploration.

Diplexcito has exhibited work in the UK and internationally. In 2014 his work was included in the Nanjing International Art Exhibition in China and the Painting, Smoking, Eating exhibition in London.

His work has also been included in a number of group shows including Dirty Pop: Contemporary British Painting (2013) and Minderwertig Gemalde (2012) at Galerie Cadeques, Spain.

Nelson Diplexcito studied at Grays School of Art and the Royal College of Art.


BA Fine Art: Painting