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Mark Fairnington

Reader in Painting
Wimbledon College of Arts
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Mark  Fairnington


Mark Fairnington's practice is founded on painting as a primary method of research.

Fairnington's pictures combine obsessive surface detail with sensuous precision. They examine how painting, as a meticulously constructed surface, can interrogate and re-present an image.

The subjects of Fairnington’s paintings are made more singular through being painted. Whether it be large scale paintings of mounted insects, taxidermy displays of birds, portraits of prize stud bulls or the artistic and scientific language of flowers, his interest is resolutely in the eccentricities of the one required to stand in for all; the specimen.

Fairnington has shown extensively in museums and private galleries in America and Europe. His most recent solo exhibition Unnatural History was a retrospective at the Mannheimer Kunstverein and Galerie Peter Zimmermann in Germany.

He has worked with the Horniman Museum, Imperial War Museum, Natural History Museum and the Wellcome Collection.


BA Fine Art: Painting