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  • line technical drawing on white background. Abstract and geometric shapes. At the top a brain, left and right sides of a face split in half, and at the bottom the top of a skeleton.
    Adam Peacock - Designer | Brain Body Society. The Validation Junky.
  • model posed in a black logo crew neck top and hat, against a white backdrop. Wired headphones hang out of model's top.
    Adam Wiseman - Photographer/ Filmmaker.
    Adam Wiseman  

    Photographer and film-maker

  • distorted image of model behind plastic wrap, face pressed up against the plastic - creating dimension. Model wears a metallic necklace, and black garment. In front of a green background.
    Agf HYDRA - Artist
  • outdoor night shot of fairground. On the left corner we can see part of a flourscent multicoloured ferris wheel. In the distance a stall with several posters of babies, mermaids and collage of a model's face on a butterfly's body. A few people walk in front.
    AIR - Photographer |Chardchakaj. Mystery Club, 2010. For the series Sea of Love.


  • two models side-hugging in black dress garments, posed outdoors in front of a sunset landscape
    Alice Hawkins - Photographer | Dominga & Isabel Another Country, Cuba, 2012 For Love Magazine
    Alice Hawkins  


  • cropped image of a model's closed eye. On top of a bright blue background.
    Alma Tischlerwood - Visual Artist
  • photo of a studio storage space filled with rolls of fabric.
    Amber Rowlands - Photographer | Yohji Yamamoto, Fabric Room, Tokyo, 2010.
    Amber Rowlands  


  • upright easel display cases with hanging garments inside - beige textured and tweed patterened jackets. In the background a large painting on the exhibition wall.
    Amy de la Haye - Curator | Exhibition Installation View, Photography by Daniel Caulfield Strickland.
  • 10 mannequins in five outfits. On the left side the mannequins are tall and slim, on the right the mannequins are short and wide. Same outfits on both sides, but distorted.
    ANREALAGE - Designer | WideShortSlimLong, AW-2010.
  • Arcade East event poster. Stylised text reads 'design & politics season', at the bottom a blue corner with gold stars resemblent of the EU flag, beside green and pink stripes.
    Arcade East
  • biro illustration of a woman yawning, in a multicoloured patterned shirt, against a navy background.
    Artaksiniya - Artist/Designer/Illustrator | Untitled 1, personal work, biro on paper, 2011.

    Artist / Designer / Illustrator

  • model in red character costume with mask, in a studio.
    Axel Hoedt - Photographer | Axel Hoedt, Stadttier, Endingen, C-type, 2008
    Axel Hoedt