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How to make a lipstick 2.0

Lipstick in a science lab
  • Written byJ Tilley
  • Published date 29 July 2022
Lipstick in a science lab
MSc Cosmetic Science - 'How to make a lipstick 2.0'
"Yes, you can make a lipstick at home that you could apply using a brush, but making a lipstick that will withstand mechanical pressure and fluctuations in temperature is another kettle of fish."

— Carmel Lally - Technical Coordinator: Science

Over a decade ago, we shared a video of students making lipsticks in the labs at LCF. To this day, it’s still one of our most viewed videos ever. Because who wouldn’t want to know how to make their own lipstick right? Last year we celebrated 20 years of cosmetic science at LCF - MSc Cosmetic Science is a unique course which for a long time was the only one of its kind. To celebrate National Lipstick Day 2022 we’ve made a new version, “How to make a lipstick 2.0”, and this time with a bit more detail. Although, we can’t give away all our secrets can we?

To form our new film, we were joined by Technical Coordinators, Carmel Lally and Roshni Harkishin, Msc Cosmetic Science Course Leader, Diogo Baltazar, and current MSc Cosmetic Science students, Stefanie Naseem and Amna-Janine Beau-Elsayed to show how science has, and is, continuously innovating from formulation to product testing and marketing.

How to make a lipstick 2.0

"The most unique thing about the MSc Cosmetic Science course at LCF is that it is only about Cosmetic Science, taught by Cosmetic Scientists, supported by Cosmetic Scientists. This is what we do. It's just Cosmetic Science." - Diogo Baltazar, Course Leader: MSc Cosmetic Science.

TikTok clips of cosmetics
MSc Cosmetic Science - 'How to make a lipstick 2.0'. TikTok clips from Amna-Janine Beau-Elsayed 2022,