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Graduate Spotlight: MA Pattern and Garment Technology student Ying Wang

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Published date 13 January 2017

Next to feature on the LCFMA17 Graduate Spotlight series is MA Pattern and Garment Technology student Ying Wang. Before LCF, Ying studied fashion design in China. Here she talks to us about what it’s like to study in London and her advice to new students.


My final collection… is a series of interchangeable women’s outwear garments. The jackets are developed from the concept of a “layering system”, where two jackets can be combined together, and can also be worn separately. The jackets will help the wearer to adapt the change of the circumstance.

Before LCF… I studied fashion design at Guangzhou Academic of Fine Arts in China.

My top tips for new students…

  • It’s really important to manage your time well and plan, because you have limited time to finish all the units.
  • Try to experiment with different machines in the college. The technicians for the course are really helpful and skilled, so when talking to them, you will get new ideas or suggestions from them.
  • Because pattern making software is widely used in the fashion industry, try your best to master it during the course.

I chose London College of Fashion because… it is one of the institutions that makes the greatest contribution to the fashion industry, and it has a good reputation worldwide in fashion design, making, selling, marketing and management. Covering nearly all aspects of modern fashion, many of LCF’s programmes, like MA Pattern and Garment Technology, are unique in fashion colleges.

I have devoted myself to fashion pattern-cutting and construction research, for nearly a decade. With an in-depth understanding of pattern making in China’s fashion industry, I look forward to expanding my mind with new angles and creative methods for my pattern making and research, to keep up with the rapidly-changing and fiercely-competitive fashion industry, to meet its future demands. LCF’s MA Pattern and Garment Technology was my first choice so I can achieve this.

What I enjoyed most about the course… was learning how to use Gerber (pattern making software) and Optitex (3D sample software), which helped me to develop a more effective pattern making method. The Collaborative Unit with the V&A Museum helped me to gain more knowledge of the related area of fashion, and how to work with others.

As a non- native English speaker, language has been my biggest challenge… Fortunately I got help from my classmates and the English course during term time!

I don’t have a special person as my muse… For this collection I took inspiration from the designs of traditional outdoor wear, which have many functional details. These functional designs meet the wearer’s needs when doing outdoor activity, but also can be applied in he ordinary life.

After my MA… I will continue to work as a pattern maker in the fashion industry, whilst developing my own designs. The introduction of Gerber offered me a another way to improve my patterns. The course also offered me another angle to think about the design and construction of the functional garments, which improve my design in the future.

LCF is moving... and I think it is great to move the whole college to Stratford. It will be more convenient for all to have all the departments and facilities together.