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CTPA awards best MSc Cosmetic Science students

Written by Josh De Souza Crook
Published date 08 March 2017

The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) is one of the pioneering voices in the global cosmetic industry, often cited by governments, European and international media as a credible voice in the continually evolving and dynamic industry. CTPA acts as a trade organisation to the UK industry and regulator for EU Cosmetics, working closely with LCF MSc Cosmetic Science students to help shape the future of cosmetics. Students are awarded by CPTA each year for their performances, improvements, and placements. We attended their 2017 awards ceremony at LCF.

Students, recipients of the CTPA awards, with Amanda Ipson (CTPA) and members of the course team.

The ceremony was attended Amanda Isom, Technical Affairs Manager at CTPA, who handed out £6,000 worth of awards in total to six different winners. Amanda opened the ceremony by saying how proud CPTA were to be associated with MSc Cosmetic Science and the university because of how unique it is and the high-quality industry experience the students gain. She mentioned the relationship between LCF and CPTA is helping educate cosmetic scientists of the future.

Dean of our Fashion Business School, Andrew Hughes, was also present at the awards ceremony and talked about the association and working with industry pioneers CPTA before the students received their awards. Karmen Ng and Cherie Macmillan were the winners of Best Performance in Year 1 at the ceremony. Year 2 students were next in the ceremony, Sabil Akram was awarded Best Improver, while Liberty Angris was awarded the Best Student for that year group. Liberty is also currently on an industry placement with Cosmetic Science alumna Florence Adepoju, who set up MDMflow and has been one of the rising stars of the industry.

O’Tobi Edusi-Okoibhole and Bethany Dean were awarded Best Placement Project and The Best Presentation Prize for their outstanding work while on placement. Professor Danka Tamburic and Andrew Hughes then closed the ceremony and thanked CTPA for their unwavering support since 2000 and hope to continue building the association in the future.

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