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Image: Nora Kühner

BA Fashion Sportswear students attend ISPO masterclass in Munich

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Published date 28 February 2016

Three BA Fashion Sportswear students took part in an ISPO masterclass in Munich where design students and graduates from around the world presented projects to a panel of judges lead by Daniel Gottschall, Vice President of Sportswear at HEAD.

Image: Nora Kühner

Image: Nora Kühner

The sportswear students worked alongside 23 other students in mixed groups over seven hours to complete a number of challenges and create well-designed and functional sportswear.

Organiser Nora Kühner, a fashion design consultant, said,

“The aim was to bring together talented people with professionals and to establish advanced design training relating to sports.”

On their return from the masterclass, LCF News spoke to student Ebele Ojechi and alumna Aleks Srndovic.

Tell us a bit more about the experience and what you learnt from it

Ebele Ojechi:

The trip included a two day masterclass attended by university students and graduates from around the world. On the first day we were given lectures/talks by people in the sportswear industry including a design director from Lululemon. We learnt about sportswear design, fabrication, colour, and sustainability.  On the second day we were put into groups and asked to design a functional sportswear outfit, taking into account everything we had learnt during day one. At the end of the day we presented our work to people in the industry. On the third and final day we were taken around the trade fair and were given the opportunity to speak to trim suppliers, fabric suppliers and specialist machine manufacturers.

Image: Nora Kühner

Image: Nora Kühner

How is this experience going to help you with the rest of the course and your career?

Aleks Srndovic:

I am really inspired after attending the masterclass. I met with a few creative teams from some of the major brands in ski wear and really appreciate their kindness to take time out to talk to us and highlight the opportunities their brands offer for graduates and students for internships and work. It’s made me realise that there are worldwide opportunities in Sportswear.