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Attending the Moncler genius event

Cube structure with models featured throughout each cube
  • Written byLondon College of Fashion
  • Published date 10 March 2023
Cube structure with models featured throughout each cube

The team at Moncler invited two final design students from the LCF23 postgraduate show, to attend their Genius Show on Feb 20, which debuted a number of collaborations with partners such as Pharrell, Adidas, Rick Owens, Mercedes and more.

We caught up with the two students from MA Fashion Design Technology, Keyu Liu (womenswear) and Zhongzhi Ding (menswear), to ask what they thought of the event, and the exhibitions featured as part of it.

Keyu, what exhibitions did you visit? And what stood out to you?

I was able to attend the Art of Exploration by Adidas Originals, The Art of Terrain by Pharrell Williams, and The Art of Imagination by Mercedes-Benz. Each of these shows left a deep impression on me, and I'd like to briefly share my impressions of each one.

Upon entering the venue, the exhibition area for Adidas Originals immediately caught my eye. Real models showcased the clothing from various angles, replacing the traditional mannequins and creating a more lifelike representation of the garments. Adidas, renowned for its fashionable sportswear, accurately conveyed the concept of "explore" through its design and product offerings. The exhibition explored new possibilities in terms of visual expression and design functionality.

The Art of Terrain was my personal favourite. The exhibit incorporated natural plants, sounds, and scents to make the audience feel as though they were in nature, even if they lived in the city. Pharrell Williams brought a sense of "touch" to the show. As the lights slowly changed, models strolled leisurely around the exhibit space, leading the audience into a mysterious forest. Sight, touch, smell, and sound all contributed to an overall enjoyable experience.

The Art of Imagination by Mercedes-Benz was a visually stunning exhibit. As the cylindrical flash barrier rose, a Mercedes-Benz car "wearing" a dramatic puffy silver down jacket designed by Moncler appeared before the audience against the backdrop of the vast galaxy. Five astronauts slowly danced in midair, surrounded by shining stars and ever-changing light and shadows. The show was not simply a performance but a creative and inspiring spiritual journey, showcasing the limitless possibilities of imagination.

All of the shows were fantastic, and each was unique in its own way, embodying the Moncler Genius slogan "One House, different Voices." Moncler provides ample room for development and exploration to a range of collaborating designers, artists, and musicians, showcasing a different side of Moncler. The bold project of Moncler Genius illustrates how even garments with certain design limitations, such as down jackets, can be imbued with infinite possibilities. The Moncler Genius Show provided great inspiration for my future career as a designer.

Model wearing silver outfit and neon green footwear
Ding, you were also impressed by the Mercedes-Benz exhibition, can you tell us what stood out for you?

What impressed me the most was the cooperation between Moncler and Mercedes-Benz and Moncler and Rick Owens. In the Mercedes-Benz booth, I saw vehicles equipped with puffer fish-inspired roofs and wheels. Silver wraps gleamed across the car, while surrounding performers hovered in the air around the Mercedes. This seemed like an example to me of win-win cooperation between brands. Mercedes-Benz were achieving brand rejuvenation, and Moncler were expanding the boundaries of luxury brands. This could be a source of marketing inspiration for the development of fashion brands, exploring the application of fashion in various fields to expand brand awareness and audience.

The Rick Owens collaboration also stood out to me, where they debuted a capsule collection. In the show, I saw different types of outfits, such as bomber jackets, down jackets, and long skirts. The collection features Rick Owens' signature elongated silhouette and radiant quilting. Different from some conventional brand joint names, both brands were sincere in their design, combining the characteristics of the two brands and perfectly combining seemingly unrelated brands.

The whole event made me consider my time on the menswear course, where I came across talented down jacket designers like Peng Chen. I noticed a common thread between his work and the Moncler genius series - they all have a unique brand identity. Regardless of the type of garment, a designer must innovate from the original foundation to achieve a distinct brand identity. Similarly, for my graduation work on prosthetic clothing, I must strive to be more innovative and create products that stand out in the market. Only by having a clear design concept can we attract many consumers who are willing to pay for them.

Both Keyu and Ding would like to thank Federica from Moncler, and the Moncler organisation for taking such good care of them.

Jeep surrounded by people floating in the spaces