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Design for Performance Hub

Performance on stage
"Metakimosphere no. 2” by DAP-Lab with dancers Miri Lee (standing) wearing BeakHand, Vanessa Michielon and Azzie McCutcheon (foreground) @ Medialab Prado (during Metatopia International Metabody Forum) Madrid, Spain, July 2015.Choreosonic wearables and artistic direction by Michèle Danjoux, PhD Student "Design-in-Motion: Wearables in Performance." Image by Michèle Danjoux

This hub invites participation and presentations from colleagues across University of Arts London and is based at London College of Fashion.

About this group

Design for performance hub provides a space for presentation, reflection and dissemination of research around costume, scenography and performance.

Our focus is on the agency of design in the collaborative process inherent to performance-making, on the embodiment of culture through design for performance – be it contemporary or historical – and on the exposition of new curatorial, societal and technological perspectives.

We analyse performance, both mediated and live, through design, considering the engagement with the material, dressed body of the performer as key to the spectating experience.  We bring to the fore practitioners and scholars who have broken new ground in their respective fields of expertise. These have included experimental designers, choreographers and directors, whose work has explored new methods of performance-making through costume and scenography.

Equally, the hub has foregrounded innovators in design realisation, authors changing the way design for performance is perceived through their writing and curatorial practices that have re-presented costume and scenography in a new light. The hub also disseminates the experimental application of workshop-based methodologies, originally devised for performers, to the design process, in order to support the work of design-led performance making.

Group members

  • Agnes Treplin - Course Director, MA Costume Design for Performance
  • Michèle Danjoux - School Research Coordinator (Academic): School of Media and Communication
  • Nadia Malik
  • Jorge Sandoval

Research Students

  • Kamaira Anderson: Theorising Hip-Hop Dance in London, New York & Los Angeles through Costume & Community
  • Lisa Colpaert: ‘Screen-to-measure: A Practice-Informed, Archival and Textual Investigation of Film Costume Design in 1940s ‘Film Noir’’
  • Berthe Fortin: Costume making as practice of phenomenology: an embodied approach to materiality and movement in the creation of mask
  • Ilaria Martello: Space, Body, Costume: the Agency Of Costume as a Topological Space in Contemporary Ballet
  • Cassandra Schreiber: Dressed in myth - costumes and masculinities in adaptations and re-workings.
  • Jennifer Hayton: How have the archive materials and costume objects in the Central Saint Martins Museum and Study Collection: Theatre Archives (CSM) and Stage Costume: Special Collection (SCSC) influence current costume practices?
  • Lorraine Henry: Good Guys in Black; Costumer and Ethnicity in Hollywood Films