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Digital Anthropology Lab

Mannequin hand peaking out of black sand
The Internet for Fashion Things. @University of Arts London

The Digital Anthropology Lab at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, is dedicated to making smarter with technology for a better human experience. We work across industry and academia through the lens of fashion and tech, challenging the material and cultures of digital.

About this group

The Digital Anthropology Lab undertakes self-initiated research projects, supported by national and international research funding bodies, often working collaboratively with other Universities and cultural institutions.

Additionally, we engage externally through bespoke contract research services in technology and social science as well as via schemes such as the Knowledge Transfer Network.

Research students

  • Katherine Rees - Performance wearables and landscapes at DALab: examining the use of wearable technology and interactive environments within the choreographic practice and performance of Wayne McGregor’s work
  • Kelly Dearsley - A comparative study of print and digital fashion media: Reading practices and reception
  • Zhirui (Kiwi) Huang - Digitising fashion design and pattern making process
  • Shaza Sabbagh - Beyond traditional jewellery: How can digital methods inform design of novel forms of female body adornment?