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Place (PLCE)

Aerial image of white staircase.
Aerial image of white staircase.
Christina Maurice | Fashion Business Research Centre | London College of Fashion | University of Arts London

Place and placemaking are central to both physical and virtual engagement with fashion. Fashion is produced in physical and virtual places; ‘place’ can be central to connecting producers and consumers to physical or virtual products but also in layering the stories of fashion objects.

We connect certain fabrics, designs, or brands to specific geographies, and we see fashion influence how people think about specific places, be they cities, countries, or destinations. Rather than seeing the physical and virtual place as distinct, we recognise how physical and virtual are intertwined in learning from the physical and the virtual influences, the development and evolution of these places for fashion. As a creative industry, fashion shapes our understanding of place and as an industry with a global supply chain, places are connected to each other through the production, distribution, consumption, and disposal of fashion.


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