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Digital Futures and Emerging Technology (DF&ET)

Cube exhibition space with luminescent colours and smoke.
Cube exhibition space with luminescent colours and smoke.
Work by Tigris Li | BA Graphic Communication Design | Central Saint Martins | University of Arts London

The digital age comes with significant challenges and opportunities. The metaverse offers opportunities for brands, creatives, and consumers to work and play collaboratively, to connect globally and to explore alternatives to the physical, material world.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated many digital practices. Technological innovation represents, more than ever, the key for fashion and cosmetic industry stakeholders to succeed in the new normal. In addition to testing new technological approaches, we explore issues related to fashion businesses technological innovation across cultures, thus impacting on communities, corporate performance, and the future of society at large. Our research aims to understand the experiential, industrial, and societal impact of innovation in digital and emerging technologies.

Emerging Technologies

During the Fashion Business Think In, held in September 2021, colleagues from FBRC and the Fashion Innovation Agency shared their research related to emerging technologies in the fashion industry.

LCF Fashion Means Business 2020: Digital Human Stylist Research Panel

A panel discussion from London College of Fashion's Fashion Innovation Agency, UAL's Fashion Business Research Centre, and Reactive Reality.


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